About Scott

Scott was born on July 20, 1967 at Whitley County Memorial Hospital.  He attended Etna Troy, Mary Raber, Shipshewana – Scott, and graduated from Westview Jr. Sr. High.  Scott attended Ball State University, and graduated with a bachaelor’s degree from IU in South Bend.  Included in Scott’s studies were economics, political science, and public affairs.  Scott chose to return to his hometown of Columbia City after college, and lives on Ellsworth Street with his wife Christine (Alix), and two step-children.

  Scott was Assistant Manager and then General Manager of El Comedor, a member of the Columbia City area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, a GOP precinct chair, a district 2 County Councilman, and has twice run for U.S. Congress.  Scott was widely considered the winner of the 2010 3rd district congressional debate with Marlin Stutzman and Tom Hayhurst.

Scott has worked in mobile home, van conversion, swimming pool consturction, as well as excavating.  He has worked in sales, run a small business, and professionally led teams in the restaurant and manufacturing fields.

Scott believes his experience and knowledge will serve our community well.  He works well with people of diverse backgrounds, and seeks win win solutions.  Scott believes government has generally grown too big, and seeks a smaller role for government at all levels.

“Times are getting tough, and because of an irresponsible Federal government, they are likely to get tougher.  We must reduce the burden our local government and utilities have on our citizens,” says Wise.

Scott believes his life experience, and the knowledge he has gained from work and education have prepared him to lead Columbia City.  He is objective, patient, and confident.  He cares more about our city than politics or himself.  Scott seeks consensus, but is not afraid to make a decision after hearing the facts.

Vote Scott Wise for Mayor of Columbia City on November 8.  The right Mayor for the times. 



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